CIUSSS West-Central MontrealNovember 2018

Smile! Presenting the winners in the “Shot of Happiness” contest

The winning photo by Lynn Gaumond

Photos by staff depict a four-seasons theme

Dozens of photo enthusiasts across CIUSSS West-Central Montreal drew inspiration from the four seasons in their submissions to “A Shot of Happiness”, the healthcare network’s second annual photography contest for staff.

Three winners and two runners-up were announced on November 7 by Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, President and CEO of the CIUSSS, at the network’s Public Information Meeting, which was held at the JGH.

Contributors were invited to submit photos that not only make them happy, but bring happiness to those who view the pictures.

The five-member jury, consisting of staffers from various CIUSSS facilities, looked for originality, freshness and the ability to make the viewer feel the season that the photos depict.

Pictures by the winners and many of the entrants will be on display in a travelling exhibit that will visit CIUSSS sites in 2018-2019.

Click on any photo to see a larger version.

First place
Administrative Agent
Saint Margaret Residential Centre

Lynn Gaumond with Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg

Second place
Nurse Clinician
Jewish General Hospital

Natalie Nava with Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg

Third place
Media Relations Specialist
Department of Communications and Media Relations
Jewish General Hospital

Emmanuelle Paciullo with Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg

First honourable mention
Social Media and Political Affairs Specialist
Department of Communications and Media Relations
Jewish General Hospital


Leyla Di Cori with Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg

Second honourable mention
Administrative Technician
CLSC Benny Farm

Johanne Dugas with Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg

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