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A new beginning blooms

As I sit in the still of the night to compose this blog entry, I am struck by the symbolism of the week at hand. April 1st marks the official start of operation of our new CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest. Rather than this conjuring up thoughts of April Fool’s Day, I would prefer to think that the date was chosen because it is the start of the new fiscal year! But then again…

This is also the beginning of spring, a time when things begin to blossom and to grow anew. So too with our new organization, which is finally being brought into the world after some rather prolonged birth pangs.

Of course, this time of year is also associated with the holidays of Easter and Passover. It is interesting that the Last Supper served the dual purpose of venerating Passover, the escape of Jews from slavery in Egypt, and the establishment of a new religion, Christianity. So too, the creation of our CIUSSS, in particular, represents a coming together of these rich community heritages. The greatest contributions to the world of both traditions can be summarized in five words: memory, optimism, faith, family and responsibility.

As we move forward together to bring the vision of our integrated network of care to life, we should always be guided by these words and remember that we are charged with both a responsibility to the past and a commitment to the future.

Over the coming weeks, I look forward to meeting as many staff from our network as I can, and together beginning the task of building the future of health care and social services in the west-central territory of Montreal.

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