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A historic moment in the life of the Jewish General Hospital

Dear members of the JGH community,

Needless to say yesterday, January 24, was an historic moment in the life of the Jewish General Hospital. Not only for the hospital, our patients, the community and the healthcare network, but notably for those of us who were privileged to participate in the movement of patients into Pavilion K.

In inaugurating Pavilion K, we finally harvested the fruits of seeds of imagination, persistence, resilience and community fellowship, that had been planted some eight years ago. Truly, we were reliving what the founders of the original hospital must have experienced when they first opened the doors to the public in 1934.

Today, we are the pioneers laying the foundation for the future of health care in our community. So remember this day- it is the day each of you will have made your own bit of history.

The teamwork that characterized the move was nothing short of awesome. The passion, the energy and sheer devotion of individuals coming together to make common cause was truly emotional and endearing for many of us. It reminded me of a symphony orchestra whose members are different from one another, but who are orchestrated together for a collective undertaking- one that is involved in making a distinctive contribution, so that each can say, “I helped to make this happen.” And truly, each and every one of you made an invaluable contribution.

A special thank you to Joanne Côté and her Transition Team. Seeing them in action yesterday was like watching a pair’s team of figure-skaters gliding through their routine in effortless fashion. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who came in on their day off to volunteer to make the move the success that it was.

It’s been said that if you want to create a group with a sense of collective identity and shared purpose, get them to build something together. This transforms them by their own efforts. John Ruskin wrote, “The highest reward for a man’s toil is not what he gets for it but what he becomes by it.”For those who participated yesterday in the patient move, for those who dreamt the dream, for those who unleashed their imaginations for design ,and for those who nurtured the construction project through its birth pangs, thank you on behalf of our patients and the entire JGH community.

Finally, one might ask how do you build an organization that can endure? What is the formula for this? The answer is that lasting companies reinvent themselves. With Pavilion K, the JGH has indeed reinvented itself and we are well poised to venture forth into the future with confidence and faith that we will continue to build on the legacy of 81 years going from strength to strength.

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