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One of the great benefits of working in healthcare is having the opportunity to meet other professionals who have a willingness to share insights and trade knowledge. The result: improvement isn’t limited to one site, but is experienced all over.

For example, I’m fortunate to have had some wonderful exchanges over the past 10 days during a visit to Clalit, the largest HMO in Israel. I’ve had the pleasure of learning first-hand about their triumphs and setbacks, and how the lessons that they learned can benefit our network.

As I prepare to return home, I’m especially encouraged by the health care system focus of Clalit,and their clear determination and commitment to putting patients and users first, especially by providing care anywhere and at any time!

As well, the facilities that I visited are at the vanguard in IT and supply chain management. We, too, are focused on these fields, but we are definitely behind and need to play catch-up quickly in order to remain competitive and to sustain our drive for excellence. Looking at Clalit it is encouraging to know that a clear path to continued improvement can be mapped out.

Though 8,000 kilometers separate Canada from Israel, we face many of the same challenges. And, like us, the Israelis are privileged to have excellent staff members, who understand the importance of usercentric care. Throughout our sessions of give and take, one key fact predominated: only by working together—within facilities, within networks, through global alliances—can we continue to improve the healthcare landscape for all.

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