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Like all of you, I have listened with sadness to the stories of Quebecers who have been affected by the flooding these past weeks. The loss, as we know, is widespread—from personal belongings to homes and even life.

Many members of our network’s staff come from the areas that have been hardest hit. This week, I learned of employees who have lost everything. But as I read about these tragedies, other emails started to trickle in—emails of hope. Each told of staffers who had decided to give of their time to fill sandbags, or to donate food or clothing. In other cases, staff were asking how they could help, whether by donating items or time.

When our CIUSSS came into existence two years ago, there was no way of knowing at that time how long it would take for us to start to feel like a true, cohesive network. As a result of this natural disaster, as well as the willingness across all of our sites to help one another, I have clearly seen that we are becoming a family, with staff banding together to set up donation bins across our sites, and to join the growing relief effort.

There’s an adage that encourages us when tragic events like this arise: “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Our staff at the CIUSSS Centre-West Montreal, are just that—helpers, and I could not be more proud.

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